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How does it work?

First choose your pottery from our large range, we have all sorts of items from mugs, plates and coasters to figurines, money banks and novelty items. Once you have chosen, grab a seat and paint away! We have lots of tools, inspiration books, and ideas - if you need some help just shout! We are always on hand to offer tips.

How much does it cost?

Our items range from £8 up to about £50 for the really big items! We rotate stock regularly, so there is always something new on offer. If you would like to know any specific prices before coming, just pop us an email.

Do you have a café?

Yes! We have a small coffee shop, offering hot drinks, soft drinks, biscuits, crisps and yummy fresh cakes on the counter daily!

Can we bring our own food and drinks?

We ask that you please refrain from bringing your own food and drinks in. We offer some really delicious refreshments at really reasonable prices, and as a small business we truly appreciate every single purchase.

The exception to this is our special events and evenings. For example, our Pottery & Prosecco nights always operate on a bring your own alcohol and snacks basis. - This will always be stated on the individual event description.

Do you allow dogs?

Yes! Well behaved dogs are very welcome in our studio, they can even get in on the action with some paw-print-pottery!

What happens to our painted pieces after we're finished?

We will keep your masterpieces with us. Once they are fully dry, we dip them in clear glaze and fire them in the kiln. After this they are lovely and shiny and ready for collection!

How long does it take until we can pick our items up?

Please see the header of our website for an up to date estimate for collections. This depends on demand, and can be 3-4 weeks at peak times. We aim for around 2 weeks at normal times (off peak, term time etc) 

Will you notify me when my items are ready?

We will send you a text message to confirm when your items are ready. We then keep items for 2 months for you to collect.

Do you do baby handprints and footprints?

Yes! We love meeting babies and helping you to create something that will be cherished forever. Let us know if this is something you want and we will be sure to help. We recommend coming in on a weekday if you would like one-to-one help getting the perfect prints. At weekends, this can be tricky when we have a busy shop full of people!

I have a very wriggly baby! Can we still get a good print?

We have lots of tricks up our sleeves to get a good print. Sometimes babies and toddlers are very stubborn with scrunched up fists, we do have some good tricks to get a good print, but we can always get a footprint!

Is my pottery dishwasher and microwave safe?

We recommend handwashing your items to prolong their lives, these are precious items that you have spent a long time creating and deserve only the best treatment! We also advise against microwaving, as they do get EXTREMELY HOT.


Microwaving your pottery could make your pieces EXTREMELY HOT. Please please handle with extreme caution, and limit microwaving them if you can. 

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